Fishing for scaled fish is great most of the year on Waco.  I offer these trips year round.   These trips are offered in full or half days.  I also offer these trips in conjunction with catfish trips.

White bass are generally aggressive and in large schools. It is an excellent fish for beginners as well as folks who prefer a lot of action.  High numbers of fish generally get caught on these trips.

Hybrid Striper fishing is a growing sport on Waco.  My boat has broken the lake  record 6 times in the last few years.  These hard fighting fish are fun for all ages and experience levels.

Bluegill fishing is phenomenal on Waco and surrounding rivers.  These fish are fun, fast, and easy to catch.  I recommend these trips for getting children into fishing and for people looking for fish for the freezer.  If you have never eaten bluegill, they are the best tasting fish in southern waters.